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Launch in Belgium.
15-06-2021 We have officially launched in Belgium. This means that Quodari is fully available in French as well and we have generated some press coverage to introduce Quodari. Larger campaigns will follow in the coming months.

Public launch of Beta version in The Netherlands.
18-2-2021 As of today the beta version of Quodari is publicly available in The Netherlands. Read an interview with the founders Paul & Aart (in Dutch).

Launch of Beta-test phase.
20-11-2020 We have started the beta-test phase, an important milestone! Are you interested in Quodari and do you want to become an early adopter? Contact us via the contact page.

The European Court puts Mark Schrems in right in case against Facebook
20-07-2020 For several years, Mark Schrems has been fighting a legal battle against Facebook. In this case (initially started in Ireland as this is the residence of the European headquarters of Facebook) it is stated that organizations (not only Facebook) are not allowed to transfer personal data from European citizens to the US. The reason is that the European policies for the protection of personal data (GDPR) cannot be guaranteed in the US. The decision by the European Court will have a big impact for all organizations (large and small) that store personal data in datacenters in the US. This doesn't only apply to Facebook, but for many organizations.

The Dutch Consumers' Association starts mass claim against Facebook
7-07-2020 The Dutch Consumers' Association (Consumentenbond), together with the Data Privacy Stichting (DPS), has started an action for a mass claim against Facebook related to the breach of the data protection rights of consumers. Apart from a financial compensation for Facebook users, the organisations also ask for a change in behaviour by Facebook. This will be a challenge as the principle of the company is to earn money with the data and content of her users. The website of the Dutch Consumers' Association contains a clear explanation (in Dutch) of what Facebook is doing with the data and content of her users. Everybody can also register for compensation.



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