I have registered, what do I do now?

Read this to see what to do once registered.

You have registered and are now looking at a blank page. What now? 

On Quodari you can store all kinds of content. This works through memos that you can store in collections. It is totally up to you what kind of collections you create. For example, a collection of your recipes, photos you made on trips, to-do lists, copies of important documents, videos of your children's first steps, your favourite restaurants, etc. For each collection you choose whether you share it and with whom. Click here for the manual on creating collections.

For each memo you create, you can choose in which collection you keep the memo. Click here for the manual on creating memos.

Of course there is content you would like to share with family and friends. For this they also need an account on Quodari. You can invite them easily by sending a connection request. Click here for the manual on connection requests.

Questions or problems? Fill in the support form and we will help you as soon as possible.