I have been invited, what do I do now?

Read this to find out what to do when you receive an invitation.

You have received an invitation from someone. What to do now? 

There are three ways you can receive an invitation. First of all you can receive an e-mail from Quodari with an invitation. You can also be sent a link by the person who invites you. Finally you can scan a QR code presented by that person's device. Click here for the manual on adding connections. In the case of the last two options you click on the link and continue to the next step.

If you already have an account you choose 'Accept invitation'. If this is not the case you choose 'Sign up' to create an account. Once registered you can log in and create some content! Click here for the manual about what to do after registration

The link and QR code are valid for 14 days. If this time has elapsed, you can either send an invitation yourself or ask for a new link/QR code from the person that invited you. 

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