How do I install Quodari on my smartphone?

Add Quodari to your home screen by following these easy steps.

Quodari is a mobile web application. So you cannot get the app from the app store. But you can install Quodari easily on your phone or tablet. Also check the instruction video Install Quodari on iPhone or Install Quodari on Android devices

  • Open the app in the browser on your phone ( Caution: choose Safari for iPhone/iPad. 
  • Click on the share button in your browser for Apple products or the menu icon for Android products
  • Choose ' Add to home screen' 

Now you have the Quodari icon on your phone, so you can use the app. You can also move the icon. Generally, you do this by touching and holding the icon for a few seconds. You can then move the icon wherever you want. 

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