How do I create a memo?

Create a memo by following these easy steps.

  • Click on 'memos' in the main menu (on your desktop on the left, on your phone at the bottom).
  • Then you click on the '+' button (on your desktop in the top right corner, on your phone in the bottom right corner) to create a new memo.
  • You give the memo a title and add your content. This can be just text, but photos, videos, locations, dates, lists and documents can be added as well. 
  • The memo can be added to a collection by clicking on 'Add to'. You can now choose to which collection the memo will be added. While creating a memo you can also create a new collection. To do this you click on the '+' button in the top right corner. 
  • If you don't choose a collection your memo will stay private. Then only you will be able to see it. 
  • Choose 'Save' and your memo is created!

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