For investors

We are convinced that Quodari has a lot of potential and is interesting for investors in early stage capital. The founders took care of the investments up to the beta-testing phase. Two informal investors joined later. Additional funding is required for further development and the international rollout.
We believe in de potential for investors

Business model

Our business model is healthy. However, during the growth phase the costs will be higher than the revenue. Some users will start paying for additional storage or a premium subscription only at a later stage. 

In this growth phase, we are looking for investors who recognise a good opportunity. Investors who believe in our product and our principles. Who understand that our model 'data privacy by design' is not a constraint but a market opportunity. 

Curious about our business plan and the possibilities for investors? Please contact us via the contact page. We will be happy to present our plans, product and team.

Quodari started with a rough idea. Mid February we have launched the beta-version in The Netherlands. We are working hard to extend the product and prepare the rollout in Europe. Do you want to make an impact by becoming one of our early-stage investors?

We have a healthy business model where users pay for the value we offer. Not where the business makes a profit from the user's data...