App updates

We plan regular releases with new functionality. You don't have to do anything to get the updates, you'll get them automatically. And we will inform you of any important changes.
Regular releases with new functionality



Every two weeks we issue a release with small enhancements and corrections.

The larger releases are listed below.

What is on our roadmap? A selection:

  • Native apps for Android and iOS
  • Public profile
  • Public collections
  • Paid collections
  • Suggestions for new connections
  • Direct messages to connection or group
  • Chat
  • Family subscription (shared storage space)
  • Professional subscription
  • Small business subscription
  • Photo editing
  • Camera roll (overview of photos)
  • Document list (overview of documents)
  • Synchronisation of photos and documents
  • More options for (rich) text editing
  • Support for other document types
  • Optimised video streaming
  • Tables in memo description
  • Option to combine checklist with text, photos, documents.
  • Tags
  • Export of your data and content
  • Additional privacy settings
  • Change the e-mail address of your account

This is not a complete overview. But don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions about missing functionality. It will help us to define the priorities for product development.


Planned releases

22 August 2021 Public profile and public collections, personal and professional subscriptions
September 2021 Native apps (app stores)


Previous releases

version 1.0 August 2020  Release for alpha testing
version 1.5 November 2020 Release for beta testing
version 1.8 February 2020 Release for public beta version in the Netherlands
version 1.11 31 March 2021 Extended functionality
version 1.12 12 April 2021  Option to buy additional storage and small enhancements
version 1.13 18 April 2021 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) is available now
version 1.14 6 June 2021 Collaborate in a collection (also others who have access to the collection can add memos - if the option 'collaborate' is enabled)


Release notes (NL)

Store whatever you like. Share it if you want. Discover content of others. Convenient, in a single app.