Welcome to the app that takes your privacy seriously! Use Quodari for yourself, with your family, group or team.

Save your notes, photos, videos and documents

A nice memory, tasty recipe, note or a to-do? Simply save everything with Quodari and share if you want. With Quodari you pay for storage but your personal data is not at risk: we don't sell your data and don't bother you with advertisements! The first 2 GB is free.

Dé plek om te delen wat echt belangrijk is

The place to share what’s important to you

Quodari is your safe place to share content with the whole family, friends or clubs. Keep it organised by creating collections, without distracting advertisements or fake news.

Bewaar je notities, foto’s, video’s en documenten

How it works

Stay in control of your content. Keep it to yourself or share it with others.

Everything you store remains yours. Quodari doesn't sell or commercialise your data.


You are always owner of your content. We don’t sell your data to advertisers.
You stay in control.

Stay in control

Easily control what to share with whom. Or what to keep just for yourself. You don’t want to receive comments or likes? Not interested in some types of content from your friends? Don’t like notifications? Just turn them off! And, if you delete something, it’s really gone!

We are GDPR-proof

Data privacy and GDPR compliance are the foundation of Quodari. Quodari was conceived with data privacy as design principle. Different from others who see GDPR as an inconvenient limitation of their business model.

No advertisements

We don’t earn money by commercialising your data. Users just pay for data storage (above 2Gb) and for special subscriptions (premium functionality, family subscriptions). We keep it pure. No advertisements or fake news.

Our mission

A trustworthy and accessible app for all kinds of personal content. Where you stay in full control of your content and privacy.